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Saturday, May 28, 2016
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Damage Fee Waiver Program (Click here for more information)

All HOURCAR members are covered under our insurance policy when driving an HOURCAR vehicle. If you are in an accident for which you are found to be at fault, a damage fee of up to $1000 will be assessed to cover the cost of repairs. We offer a Damage Fee Waiver program, however, that allows our members to avoid this out-of-pocket expense should they be in an accident or otherwise cause damage to an HOURCAR. The damage fee is waived for members who cause at-fault damage and who have opted into this program. Enrollment in the Damage Fee Waiver program costs $45 and is valid for up to one year.  One year from the date of enrollment your participation in the program will be renewed automatically, unless you contact us in writing to request otherwise.

Enrollment in the Damage Fee Waiver program covers one (1) accident. Once the damage fee has been waived for a member enrolled in the program, you may immediately re-enroll by paying a prorated amount based on the amount of your waiver year remaining.

By signing up for the Damage Fee Waiver Program I understand that:

·       I need to remain a member in good standing by not violating the Member Agreement or Member Handbook and by paying any reservation costs and/or monthly invoices on time;

·       I am not purchasing, nor is HOURCAR selling, insurance through this agreement;

·       Enrollment in the Damage Fee Waiver Program is annual and will renew automatically unless the account holder opts out of the program by email or mail before their renewal date;

·       There is a $45 annual fee for this program, and this fee waives the $1000 damage fee for one incident only.


The HOURCAR Damage Fee Waiver program does not cover the following:

  • Damage to an HOURCAR vehicle or another party’s vehicle which is unreported by the driver and/or account holder;
  • Damage caused to a vehicle when an HOURCAR driver fails to stop and properly report an accident (hit and run);
  • Members whose accounts are not up to date or who have an overdue payment;
  • Members permitting a non-member to drive an HOURCAR vehicle;
  • Members who falsify or provide misleading information to HOURCAR staff or insurance company representatives investigating damage to an HOURCAR vehicle;
  • Personal injury or damage to property;
  • Third party liability;
  • Dishonest, fraudulent or criminal acts;
  • Damage by improper fueling or tampering with engine parts;
  • Damage that occurs prior to enrolling in the Program;
  • Intentional damage to a vehicle by the member;
  • Damage which occurs while driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances;
  • Any violation of the Member Handbook.
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By submitting your application to HOURCAR, you
  1. Verify that everything stated in the application is true.

  2. Authorize HOURCAR, its agents, and insurers to review your credit history, driving record, criminal record, and other background information as HOURCAR shall deem relevant to its approval of Member's participation in the HOURCAR program.

  3. Understand that the information provided by you and the review of your driving record will be retained by HOURCAR and its agents and insurers, whether or not your application is approved.

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